Let's start from the beginning....

how do you do this photography thing? 

I have taken a couple classes, and taught a few classes of my own. I am VERY community over competition. I want not only great things for you, but TH BEST things for you. I want to watch you strive! 

One big thing that I teach are styled shoots and how to start one. I also teach a macro ring photo class. If these are any interest of you, please contact me directly and I will give you more information on those classes. 

There are a few amazing classes I have taken by Tai Lopez learning how to market my photography business. This has taught me literally everything from marketing on Facebook and Instagram. The year I started learning this, I ended up getting 15 extra weddings booked that first year. If you want to know more about that, there is a link below. 

 I also have learned from some of the best photographers in Atlanta such as Thistle + Wood Photo, Mejia-Jones Photography, and many more. 

TAi Lopez Marketing Class

styled shoot / ring class

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